Modular Concrete Batching Plants are Key to Efficient Operations & ROI

Modern construction projects call for modern tools and solutions – and that often involves employing major advancements in technology to boost efficiency without increasing cost.

As a result, major projects call for concrete batching plants which excel in a few key areas: high capacities, fast and accurate batching, concrete type versatility, and plant mobility.

Forward looking construction projects require concrete batch plants to perform as prescribed.  The solution must possess a build quality which safeguards a long operating life, while maintaining ease of mobility.  When the project closes, can the batch plant be easily moved and installed for the next job without sacrificing performance?  It’s a challenging balance to achieve, but possible.

There is another perspective, large scale construction projects create additional opportunities for growth.  Post-project market conditions must be considered when selecting production equipment, as post-project concrete demand will exist.  Utilizing a permanent batch plant solution to capture future market demand, changes the ROI quotient and lends a competitive entry advantage for a concrete producer.

Challenges Facing Today’s Concrete Batching Operations

More than ever, from small- to large-scale construction projects, professionals involved in the concrete production process face unique challenges. 

To simultaneously ensure compliance, while providing high-quality concrete on-demand, concrete professionals must ensure their production process meets a few key needs:

  1. Ecological Impact – Modern construction projects must adhere to specific degrees of eco-friendly operation, including but not limited to, noise decibel ordinance, dust & contaminant requirements, and process water reclamation and treatment statutes.

  2. Reliable Output – The timeline of fast-moving and budget-conscious construction projects seek to eliminate interruptions or work stoppages as a result of mechanical equipment error. Modern batching plants must be able to provide reliable, consistent, high-quality results without increasing expenditure or extending timelines.

  3. Space Constraints – Many construction projects – particularly those located in sensitive or dense urban areas – do not have vast unused space in which batching and concrete production can occur. Concrete professionals must find ways to minimize the physical footprint of plants without decreasing output or efficiency.

To overcome these challenges, concrete batching professionals weigh a primary attribute in equipment design: Modularity.

Modular Batching Plants: Flexible Operation for Unique & Expanding Project Needs

No two projects are created equal – which often means, no concrete batching solution will be ideal for every project. That’s why modular concrete batching plants have become necessary on construction projects around the world: they allow for quick and efficient configuration to meet the needs of a project.

At Simem, we specialize in the manufacturing of complete solutions which incorporate modular design as a best practice within all our concrete plant solutions.  The result has brought to market a wide range of Simem plant solutions which are flexible, mobile, and fast to install. The modular design element is a keystone which helps keeps our customers’ projects moving.

As an example, our MMX Super Mobile batch plant solution is specifically designed for superior transport ease and versatile operation, with a compressed plant footprint.  

By pre-wiring, pre-assembling, and automating the mixer module structures, we dramatically simplify the transport and accelerate the installation steps from the transport position to the working position.  Once in place, the MMX will produce at a capacity of 170 yd3/hr. 

Similarly, our highly-modular Eagle batch plant solution is pre-wired and pre-plumbed to ensure easy and efficient movement from site to site using standard trucks or shipping containers. This superior mobility – combined with excellent construction has proven reliable and provides consistent operation for a wide range of products – making Eagle a highly regarded choice for concrete producers seeing value in mobility, modular design, and quality.

Vertical Batching Plants: Versatile Storage and Output in One Controlled Footprint

Well recognized for their ability to provide programmatic quality, high-volumes, and efficiency, vertical batching plants optimize their technological footprint while meeting large storage capacities.  Here’s how professionals put this solution to use.

Simem’s TowerBeton batch plant, is innovatively designed to provide powerful results without requiring a particularly large footprint, leaving greater production floor area for increased form placement.

The vertical design supports aggregate storage above the mixer platform, for efficient gravity feeding of the mixer.  TowerBeton manages to fit some of the industry’s most state-of-the-art technology for commercial concrete production into a square design. This box skeleton structure allows for simple affixing of cladding options (including insulated, corrugated, and architectural).  This simple enclosure method insulates climate-controlled workspaces and demonstrates an eco-friendly practice for noise dampening. A seamless integration with our BetonWash water reclamation solution and WaterWash recycling solution separates solids, reclaims material, and reintroduces wash water back into the process.

The TowerBeton design also affords maintenance advantages.  Each level provides safe access to componentry. Safe access encourages planned maintenance activities.  A safe maintenance environment coupled with strong housekeeping behaviors, extends the operating life of the plant.  

Meeting Tomorrow’s Needs with Today’s Most Advanced Batching Technology

In this economy, flexibility and reliability are paramount to securing project success – and batching plants are no exception. Experienced concrete producers know that a single holdup can incur significant time and cost overruns.

By heading off potential holdups with a modular design and engineered approach, a modular concrete batch plant solution offers peace of mind.  Modular design allows for faster installation, ease of maintenance, and greater flexibility. Nothing is static, the only constant is change. Having an option to expand capacity by adding a modular component is valuable and addresses the challenge for when an increase in demand is necessary.

Interested in learning more about how modular batching plants can drastically improve your concrete batching capabilities?  Simem America is ready to help. Together, we bring over 50 years of precast production and automation experience to concrete producers of all sizes worldwide. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help achieve your production goals.