Simem Underground

Backed by a broad range of experience from project design, final commissioning, and operator training, Simem Underground Solutions delivers proven, engineered concrete and grouting equipment technologies, tailored for the most challenging tunneling and mining projects.

Solutions for a Wide Range of Projects

Simem Underground specializes in the design and supply of cemented aggregate backfill plants, paste fill plants, slurry and bi-component grout plants, and long-distance pumping systems, providing fully-automated material handling systems backed by quality service and parts.

A History of Excellence

Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Simem Underground Solutions has assembled a top-flight team of industry experienced engineers and designers, to deliver unquestioned solutions for the mining and tunneling community.


Featuring fully automated high-shear colloidal mixers, our bi-component grout, cellular concrete, and bentonite mixing plants offer unsurpassed mixing quality with reduced labor requirements and measurable raw material savings.  Globally renowned for their high quality and durable reliability, customers recognize our products as a mission critical necessity to ensure project success.


With decades of mining experience our dedicated team of engineers and designers provide custom backfilling solutions for the global marketplace. For projects requiring a fixed pastefill plant on surface or a semi-mobile cemented rockfill plant underground, a complete solution from initial concept through final commissioning is executed.

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