TowerBeton – High-Volume Concrete Production Plant

Extremely versatile both in terms of overall dimensions as well as storage capacity and output. The TowerBeton applies the most modern technology to meet the storage capacity and output demands of our customers.


Environmental Protection

To maximize productivity, paying careful attention to production factors such as raw materials, manpower, and facilities is a must. Consideration to environmental impacts are equally important when designing and engineering high-volume production concrete plants. By investing correctly from day one, with a ecological solution in mind, the ability to improve production efficiency and environmental impacts, has resulted in the TowerBeton plant.

Eco-friendly features:

  • Noise Reduction: noise reduction is achieved by enclosing the plant with insulated panels
  • Dust Elimination: dust filters installed on the weighing hoppers and the mixer allow for a full recovery of the dust in the mixing cycle
  • Recycling of Waste Water and Washing of Vehicles: Simem BetonWash is the solution for reclamation of excess concrete and slurry water from cleaning of trucks, pumps, mixer, buckets, etc; Simem WaterWash is an integrated system of clarification and neutralization of recycled water


The Simem TowerBeton series of vertical batching and mixing plants represent the state of the art technology for industrialized concrete production. The design of the TowerBeton’s square frame is comprehensive:

  • Hot dip galvanization of all support structures and aggregate bins, reducing maintenance costs and increasing lifetime of the plant
  • Optimal positioning of dosing gates under aggregate bins reduces wear considerably compared to other solutions
  • The box skeleton structure allows for simple and standard affixing of cladding options (insulated, corrugated, and architectural).

Space Optimization

The Simem TowerBeton vertical structure is dimensioned to support aggregate storage bins above the mixer platform for efficient gravity feeding of the mixer. Space is optimized to ensure:

  • storage of clean water and additives tanks
  • electrical panels
  • concrete laboratory
  • A stockroom for spare parts, inventory, and maintenance activities

Modular Concrete Plant Design

Like all Simem batching and mixing plants, Simem TowerBeton plant has a modular design, which lend flexibility to meet a specific footprint requirement.

Top Level

Aggregate Loading:
Belt conveyor or vertical bucket elevator
Storage Capacity:
Range – 170 yd3 to 785 yd3


Dosing System:
Combined weighing and dosing devices for aggregates, cements & powders, water, and additives.

Lower Level

Single or dual mixer equipped (twin shaft, planetary, or combination) to meet required production volumes.


Model TowerBetonT75-4T75-6T88-6T88-8
Dimensions (LxW) – m/ft7×5 / 3×167×5 / 23×168×8 / 26×268×8 / 26×26
Aggregate storage m3(cy)130-350 (170-450)130-350 (170-450)450-550 (550-700)430-550 (550-700)
Aggregate compartments46 (proportional)6 (proportional)8 (proportional)
One mixer configurationMSO 6001MSO 6001MSO 14001MSO 14001
Two mixer configuration (up to)SUN 751 + Xentrix 2001SUN 751 + Xentrix 20012xMSO 6001 or 2xXentrix 45022xMSO 6001 or 2xXentrix 4502

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