BetonWash – Concrete Fines & Wash Water Reclaiming

The definitive solution for the reclamation of excess concrete and slurry water from the cleaning of trucks, pumps, mixers, buckets, etc. Let’s talk about your next project.



BetonWash separates solid materials from the slurry water through a rotating spiral system inside an inclined drum. Water is then discharged by overflow into storage tanks for reuse in concrete production.

  1. Process is started by mixer or truck wash out.
  2. The diluted concrete is discharged into the hopper
  3. The system continuous and automatically rotates until extraction of aggregates ends
  4. The system periodically starts the agitator to avoid the settlement of fine materials

Versatile & Reliable

With the possibility to locate the receiving hopper on three sides of the washing drum, many possible combinations are available to make the BetonWash layout optimal in favor of traffic flow and total plant site utilization.


BetonWash, with integration of Simem WaterWash, allows slurry water from the BetonWash to be treated further until clean water is realized which can be recycled back into the production process.

  • Easy operation and minimum maintenance
  • Reusable washed-out aggregates
  • 0.2 mm solid separation
  • Heavy-duty filter press
  • Crystal-clean water result

A Top Choice

Advantages selecting BetonWash as the best choice include:

  • Spiral system for solid materials extraction without any filters required
  • Models available to manage capacity from up to 10 or 33 yd¬≥/hour
  • No concrete contact with drive unit safeguarding mechanical integrity
  • Low surface wear due to low rotation speed, spiral design, and incline angle
  • Highly configurable to fit any plant site


BetonWashBW 1.0BW 2.0BW 1.0-R2BW 2.0-R2
Max wash-out (yd3/hr)14331433
Max. Aggregate (in)2222
Separation of solids to (in)0.0060.0060.0060.006
Slurry H2O capacity ( yd3/hr)3985
Total Filter Surface (yd2)3997


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