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Northeast Precast Opts for Proven Reliability with the Addition of a Simem Countercurrent Planetary Mixer

With a need to ramp up their production capabilities after rebounding from the Great Recession, John Ruga and his team at Northeast Precast set their sights on buying their first precast plant. But like many other first forays into capital improvements, there were lessons to be learned.

The breakthrough: a conversation with the team at Simem America.

Simem knows that the quality of the final product will rely heavily on the quality of the mixer being used. Due to the efficiency of the countercurrent mixing action, the range of our Xentrix planetary mixer meets the requirements of various production processes. For precast producers like Northeast Precast, this translates to real dollar savings.

“Working with a company like Simem America and using high-quality machinery, enhances our own reputation as a company who’s willing to invest in the best equipment,” said Ruga. “One of our chief goals is to cultivate repeat business and providing the best quality concrete products consistently helps us do just that. We will be working with Simem again in the future, and we hope our customers feel that same way when they work with us.”

Take a look at how we have helped Northeast Precast reach new levels of productivity to match a growing demand for high efficiency concrete production in this Concrete Plant International Case Study:

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Simem America

With features like central cement and water inlet as well as modular design, XENTRIX has taken the planetary mixers to a new level – making it suitable for treatment of industrial waste, glass production, and the mixing of chemicals.

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