Xentrix – Planetary Countercurrent Mixer

With features like central cement, water, and admixture inlets, as well as a modular design, Xentrix has taken the planetary mixer to a new level – making it suitable for the production of precision concrete, treatment of industrial waste, glass production, and the mixing of chemicals. Let’s talk about your next project.


Exclusive Design

The design of Simem Xentrix planetary mixers has a patented central charging solution for cement, water, and admixtures which makes it a leader in its class with the best possible mixing action. The mixing is highly efficient due to the integrated action of the primary and for larger models also secondary mixing stars in planetary rotation for a centrifugal effect. An innovative system which distributes water and admixtures in a 360° umbrella pattern adds to mix efficiency and consistency.

Mixing Paddles

Mixing paddles are made of cast iron or combination of a cast iron core lined with wear resistant rubber material, which optimizes the material flow.

Mixing Tank

Designed for optimal wear resistance, the tank is lined with interchangeable wear liners. A floor with a flexible configuration makes it possible to re-position the bolted liners. Oversized access doors ease access for maintenance.

SuperWash and MixerMind

SuperWash, automatic washing unit, is available as option, with electric pumps, 16-gal water flow, and 2900 psi water pressure. Equipped with electric driven cleaning heads that features a special nozzle deign for reduced maintenance.


Dry filling capacity l/cy1,875/2.52,250/3.03,000/3.93,750/4.94,500/5.9
Output capacity l/cy1,250/1.61,500/2.02,000/2.52,500/3.33,000/4.0
Main mixing stars22222
Paddles per main mixing star33333
Secondary mixing stars22
Paddles per secondary mixing star22
Side scrapers22222
Mixer drive motors kW/hp2×22/302×30/402×44/603×30/403×37/50


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