MSO – Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer

A market benchmark thanks to 40 years and thousands of units manufactured to serve the global demand for concrete production. Known for their reliability, unquestioned durability, and their output of high volume concrete production, MSO twin shaft mixers boast strong design, easy maintenance, and high-quality componentry. This prescribed combination of engineered features provides the lowest maintenance cost per cubic yard of concrete produced. Let’s talk about your next project.


An Innovative Design

All mixing tanks of the Simem MSO twin shaft mixers are fully lined with high resistance tiles. Paddles and arms are bolted on two primary mixing shafts. The mixing arm design allows for different configurations to accommodate specific recipe applications. Hydro-dynamic engineering contributes to mixing paddles and arms reduce wear. This research and engineering technology also provides an optimized mixing result.

Capable for a Range of Capacities

MSO mixers are available from 1.5 yd3 to 12 yd3 of concrete output. All MSO twin shaft versions are suitable for standard WET & SCC concrete, RCC concrete, and MASS concrete (with large aggregates).

94% Efficiency

Simem MSO twin shaft mixers are equipped (as standard) with high efficiency planetary type gearboxes with a mechanical efficiency of up to 94%. Integrated oil cooling systems guarantee a proper working temperature which extended gearbox life and reduce maintenance costs.

Automatic Greasing System

All Simem MSO mixers are equipped (as standard) with four special labyrinth mixer shaft seals. Seals are constantly lubricated by an electric drive grease pump with sensors to ensure proper functioning.


Dry ļ¬lling capacity m3/cy 1.5/2.02/2.62.5/3.33/3.93.75/4.95/6.55.25/6.96/7.86.75/8.89/11.812/15.714/18.3
Compacted concrete m3/cy 1/1.31.3/1.71.7/2.22/2.62.5/3.253.33/4.33.5/4.54/5.254.5/66/88/10.59/12
Output – wet concrete kg/lb 2,400/5,2803,120/6,8604,080/8,9804,080/10,5606,000/13,2278,000/17,6008,400/18,5189,600/21,12010,800/23,76014,400/31,68019,200/42,24021,600/47,520
Compacted concrete m3/cy 1/1.31.2/1.51.5/22/2.62/2.63/43/44/5.24/5.26/88/10.59/12
Max aggregates size mm/in* 80/380/380/380/390/3.590/3.590/3.590/3.590/3.5100/4
Max aggregates size mm/in* for HW version 150/6150/6150/6150/6180/7180/7180/7
Mixing Motors kW/hp1×37/502×22/302×30/402×37/502×44/602×55/752×65/902×75/1002×90/1254×55/954×75/1004×90/125

* Depending on total mix design


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