Simem’s 6S series for lean approach in concrete production! Part 2, Sort!

At Simem, we don’t only engineer and produce industry-leading equipment for concrete producers. We also like to educate and guide our clients to keep their plants running smoothly for years to come with increased efficiency and productivity while reducing waste and eliminating downtown to maximize production! To help achieve this, we keep the 6S method front and center. So what is 6S, a system that aims to promote and sustain high levels of productivity and safety throughout an organization.

Today, as we continue with the six-part series. We want to share an article from the U.S. Army that focuses on SORT – Get rid of what’s unnecessary! Do you know where all the tools and components workers use are located? Which ones do you not use? The fundamental process of the 6S, sorting, is specifically designed to find out all this information.

We will continue our series focusing on each aspect of the 6S; until next time, respect the workplace and employees and create a safe place for all!

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